47th Annual Conference | April 19 – 22, 2017 | Minneapolis, MN USA | Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel | #UAA2017 | urbanaffairsassociation.org | urbanaffairsassociation.org/conference/

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Thursday, April 20







TH9.10.02 Claiming Neighborhood, New Ways of Understanding Neighborhood Change Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) TH9.10.26 What Are Book Editors and Publishers Looking For? Ask Them! St. Croix (2nd Floor) TH9.10.01 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Housing as a Right and Critical Questions about Services for the Homeless Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) TH9.10.03 Housing Across the Lifecourse: Aging and Mobility Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) TH9.10.05 Shaping the Visions of Infrastructure: Coalitions and Discourses Lakeshore B (1st Floor) TH9.10.07 Sports in the Entrepreneur City Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) TH9.10.08 Groups and Institutions of Civil Society as Sustainability Agents Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) TH9.10.10 Exploring the Complexity of Economic Development in Diverse Contexts Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) TH9.10.11 Technologies and Mythologies of Mobility Lakeshore C (1st Floor) TH9.10.12 The Limits of Charter Schools and School Choice Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) TH9.10.13 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Innovating and Organizing for Racial Justice in Education Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) TH9.10.14 Local Non-Profit Organizations as Service Providers Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) TH9.10.16 Parks and Dumps, Traffic and Memories: The Historical and Material Embededness of Urban Planning Lakeshore A (1st Floor) TH9.10.17 Migration, Mobility and Population Dynamics in China Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) TH9.10.25 Issues in Historic Preservation: Tax Credits and Historic Districts Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor)




TH10.50.01 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Activist Approach to Housing Policy Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) TH10.50.02 Preserving Safe and Affordable Housing Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) TH10.50.03 Housing Policy at the Local Level: the Role of Local Decisions and Decision-Makers Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) TH10.50.04 What Prevents Vulnerability? Policy and Diverse Communities Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) TH10.50.05 Understanding the Values Behind Infrastructure Investments Lakeshore B (1st Floor) TH10.50.06 Race, Residency and Education Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) TH10.50.07 Locational Decision Making in Local Planning Lakeshore A (1st Floor) TH10.50.08 Bottom-up Sustainability and Activism Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) TH10.50.09 Governing Urban Crises and Austerity: Lessons from a Cross-National Study Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) TH10.50.10 Rethinking Government Structures and Service Provision Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) TH10.50.12 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Civic Engagement, Institutional Relations, Resource Delivery & Education Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) TH10.50.13 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Mass Incarceration; Public Housing Policy; and Neoliberalism Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) TH10.50.14 The Enduring Significance of Race in Urban Policy Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) TH10.50.15 : (P)olitics & politics: Challenges and Limits of Organizing Low-wage Immigrants in Contemporary Labor Movements Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) TH10.50.16 Urban Revitalization, Economic Development and Consequences Lakeshore C (1st Floor) TH10.50.17 Enduring Urban Injustice: How the State of Nevada Deals Las Vegas a Losing Hand Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor)




TH1.20.00 HOPE VI Outcomes: Prioritizing Residents? Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) TH1.20.02 Affordable Housing & Housing Choice Vouchers Embedded in Communities Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) TH1.20.03 Addressing Needs in Shrinking Legacy Cities Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) TH1.20.06 Urban Green Spaces Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) TH1.20.07 Progressive Measures: How Well Are they Doing at the Local Level? Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) TH1.20.08 Towards Environmental Justice: Sustainability and Social Justice Put Together Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) TH1.20.09 Theorizing Urban Political Change: Perspectives from American Political Development Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) TH1.20.10 Governing Amidst Uncertainty Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) TH1.20.11 Housing and Community Development in Asia Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) TH1.20.12 Student Transportation and Educational Equity Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) TH1.20.13 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Grassroots Struggles for Employment and Agency in Urban Rehabilitation Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) TH1.20.14 Local Context and the Politics of Immigrant Integration and Exclusion Lakeshore C (1st Floor) TH1.20.15 Equity Effects of New Labor Market Policies Lakeshore B (1st Floor) TH1.20.16 Can Policy Conquer Urban Inequality? Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) TH1.20.17 Urban Challenges: Spatial, Social, and Racial Dynamics Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) TH1.20.18 Metromobility and Spatial Justice I: Thick Mobile Inequalities Lakeshore A (1st Floor)




TH3.00.16 Activist Scholarship Special Session:Translation and Healing Justice in the Face of Trauma in Community-Engaged Scholarship Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) TH3.00.02 Neighborhood Effects: Consequences of Living in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) TH3.00.03 Community Participation and Community Mobilization Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) TH3.00.04 Historic Preservation: Space and Place Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) TH3.00.05 Plans, Projects in Comparative Perspective Lakeshore A (1st Floor) TH3.00.06 Issues in Transit Oriented Development Lakeshore B (1st Floor) TH3.00.07 Financing Development: Practice and Theory Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) TH3.00.08 Green Infrastructure: Building Administrative Capacity and Willingness Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) TH3.00.09 Effective Participation Methods 1 Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) TH3.00.10 The Ubiquitous Regional Governing Organizations (RGOs) of America Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) TH3.00.13 Explaining and Evaluating Local Immigration Policies Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) TH3.00.14 Urban Education, Innovation and Equity Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) TH3.00.15 Tackling Inequality in Cities: International Lesson Drawing from Progressive Urban Initiatives Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) TH3.00.17 Changing American Suburbs: Housing, Population Shifts, Inequality & Planning Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) TH3.00.18 HOPE VI Outcomes: Housing Stock and Community Impacts Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor)