47th Annual Conference | April 19 – 22, 2017 | Minneapolis, MN USA | Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel | #UAA2017 | urbanaffairsassociation.org | urbanaffairsassociation.org/conference/

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Friday, April 21







FR8.00.14 Using Local Research to Inform Action (Programs and Public Policies) with and for Immigrant and Refugee Communities in the Twin Cities Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) FR8.00.16 Healing Our Communities: What Trauma-Informed Engaged Research Can Teach Us About Enduring Urban Injustice Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) FR8.00.18 Getting Tenure/Promotion –Research, Teaching and Service Strategies (COLLOQUY ORGANIZED BY UAA VICE CHAIR) Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) FR8.00.20 Journal Publishing: What Editors Think You Should Know St. Croix (2nd Floor) FR8.00.01 Local Viewpoints: Resident Perceptions of Redevelopment Efforts Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) FR8.00.03 The Role of Business and Government Policy in Gentrification Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) FR8.00.04 Challenges to Public Housing Authorities & Public Housing Practices Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) FR8.00.05 Urban Design for Sustainable Communities Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) FR8.00.06 Issues in Density and New Urbanism Lakeshore B (1st Floor) FR8.00.07 Place Meaning and Economic Resilience: Visiting the Possibilities Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) FR8.00.08 Going Green: Rhetoric, Action, Results Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) FR8.00.09 Effective Participation Methods 2 Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) FR8.00.10 Actually Existing Urban Governance Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) FR8.00.12 Social Justice and Education Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) FR8.00.15 Equal Access to Services Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) FR8.00.17 Rethinking Urban Planning Lakeshore A (1st Floor)




FR9.40.00 Community Land Trust Practitioners and Researchers Dialogue: Ambitions, Limitations and the Future Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) FR9.40.10 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Media as a Tool for Youth Activism: Examples from the University Community Collaborative at Temple University Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) FR9.40.16 The Power of Public Space: Exploring the Role of New Urban Park Spaces in Gentrification and/or Inclusion Lakeshore B (1st Floor) FR9.40.20 Building Bridges Between the Academy and the Community: Strategies for Applied Research and Public Scholarship (COLLOQUY ORGANIZED BY UAA VICE CHAIR) Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) FR9.40.01 Understanding Neighborhood Change Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) FR9.40.02 Saving and Strengthening Detroit’s Neighborhoods: Can Residents Impact Residential Land Use and Housing? Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) FR9.40.03 Protecting and Expanding the Stock of Affordable Housing Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) FR9.40.04 Evaluating Public Housing Authority Programs and Policies Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) FR9.40.05 Land Use, Resilience, and Environmental Issues Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) FR9.40.06 Culture, Community and Place-making Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) FR9.40.08 Advancing Urban Analysis: Methods and Mapping I St. Croix (2nd Floor) FR9.40.09 Urban Elections: Funding and Power Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) FR9.40.12 Race and the Enduring Legacy of the 1960s Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) FR9.40.13 Economics and Ethnicity Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) FR9.40.14 Urban Health: The Impact of the Physical Environment Lakeshore C (1st Floor) FR9.40.15 Metromobility and Spatial Justice II: The Challenges of Equity Planning and Governance Lakeshore A (1st Floor) FR9.40.17 Smart Cities and Cyber Systems: Problems, Policies, Prospects Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor)



FR11.10.16 Locating the Scholar in Challenging Urban Injustices Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) FR11.10.30 Building the City of Spectacle: Mayor Richard M. Daley and the Remaking of Chicago Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) FR11.10.01 Emergent Political and Economic Possibilities of Community Land Trusts Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor) FR11.10.02 Policy and Market Impacts on Race and Class Segregation Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) FR11.10.03 Challenges to Traditional Planning Practice Lakeshore A (1st Floor) FR11.10.04 Placemaking in Historical Perspective Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) FR11.10.06 Sustainable Cities and Urban Infrastructure: Policy, Networks and Performance Across Scale Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) FR11.10.07 Dealing with Economic Impacts and Resulting Flows Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) FR11.10.08 Quality of Life in Metropolis Lakeshore B (1st Floor) FR11.10.09 Urban Politics Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) FR11.10.10 Questioning the Creative City? Lakeshore C (1st Floor) FR11.10.11 Issues in Education Governance and Funding Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) FR11.10.13 Food, Housing, Health - Basics of Vulnerability St. Croix (2nd Floor) FR11.10.14 Poverty Measurement and Anti-Poverty Policies Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) FR11.10.15 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Pedagogies of Persistence: Civic Media and Everyday Activism in Urban Spaces Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) FR11.10.17 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Grassroots Efforts at Racial Equality Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) FR11.10.20 Gender and Social Relations in the Multi Ethnic City Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor)




FR2.05.18 A Critical Examination of 'Urban Policy in the Time of Obama' Greenway Ballroom-J (2nd Floor) FR2.05.30 Film Screening: Arc of Justice and Street of Dreams St. Croix (2nd Floor) FR2.05.01 Testing the Impacts of Term Limits, Work Requirements and Other Innovations in Public Housing: Evaluations of HUD'S Moving to Work Program Greenway Ballroom-B (2nd Floor) FR2.05.02 Theorizing Housing Greenway Ballroom-C (2nd Floor) FR2.05.03 Housing Markets & Housing Values: Efforts to Produce Desired Outcomes Greenway Ballroom-D (2nd Floor) FR2.05.04 Responding to Undesired Land Uses and Populations Lakeshore B (1st Floor) FR2.05.05 Competing Portrayals and Perspectives on Gentrification Greenway Ballroom-E (2nd Floor) FR2.05.06 Urbanizing the Suburbs Greenway Ballroom-F (2nd Floor) FR2.05.07 Activist Scholarship Special Session: Promoting Justice in the City: The Environment Greenway Ballroom-G (2nd Floor) FR2.05.08 Reconceptualizing Planning, Politics and Governance Nicollet Ballroom D-1 (1st Floor) FR2.05.10 Reclaiming Creativity: Tactics of Agency in the Urban Economy Lakeshore C (1st Floor) FR2.05.11 Activist Scholarship Special Session: The Blossoming of Student Voice and Action Greenway Ballroom-H (2nd Floor) FR2.05.13 Strategies and Tools for Crime Reduction Nicollet Ballroom D-2 (1st Floor) FR2.05.14 Job Access and Labor Market Restructuring Nicollet Ballroom D-3 (1st Floor) FR2.05.15 Income Inequality and Social Dynamics Greenway Ballroom-I (2nd Floor) FR2.05.16 Equity in Urban Planning Lakeshore A (1st Floor) FR2.05.17 Urban Dispossession: Eviction, Precarity, and Profit in Housing Greenway Ballroom-A (2nd Floor)


Friday - Coffee Break Mirage (2nd Floor) FR3.30.00 Friday - Poster Session Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.01 Orange Agendas: Transportation Infrastructure, Identity, and Heritage in the Urban Development of Lahore, Pakistan Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.02 Revisiting Municipal Fiscal Sustainability: A Comparative Study of Detroit vs. New York City Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.03 Permanent Data, Transient Population: The Integration of Spatial Analysis in Annual Point-in-Time Counts Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.04 Place, Social Services Access and Family Well-Being: A Synthesis Review Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.05 The Sociodemographic Makeup of North Carolina’s Floodplains Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.06 Race, Land Use Regulation, and Housing Affordability in Metropolitan America Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.07 Youth Participatory Action Research on the West Boulevard Corridor Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.08 Exploring the Impact of Community Oriented Policing on Reports of Neighborhood Satisfaction Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.09 Understanding Neighborhood Stabilization and Decline through Municipal Governance Success and Failure: A Study of Six St. Louis Municipalities Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.10 Concentrated Poverty, Racial Segregation, and Health: The Spatio-temporal Dynamics Shaping Health Outcomes across U.S. Metropolitan Regions Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.11 Assessing Physical and Social Vulnerability of Neighborhoods After Floods Using Remote Sensing Imagery and GIS Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.12 Community Building with Urban Care Farming Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.13 Twenty Years of Car Sharing in Vancouver Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.14 Open Eyes, Open Minds: Discovery and Mobility Interventions for At-Risk Urban Adolescent Populations Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.15 Race, Equity, and Transportation: A Critical Examination of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.16 Assessing Economic Revitalization among New Jersey Municipalities: A Camden Case- Study Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.17 Business Clusters, Urban Neoliberalism, and the Entrepreneurial City: Has Something Important been Lost between Competing Narratives Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.18 Teaching for Social Justice Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area) FR3.30.19 Of Suspicious Minds? Race, Scandal, and the DC Mayoralty Mirage (2nd Floor--foyer area)