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Alondra Cano

City of Minneapolis
Ninth Ward City Council Member
When she was elected, Alondra said this to Minnesota Public Radio: “My entire life, I’ve worked on efforts to make sure the diverse communities of Minneapolis and Minnesota were engaged, empowered and served by the various institutions that govern us.” She added, “I’m humbled. I’m excited. I’m ready to serve."

In 2013 Alondra was elected to the Minneapolis City Council. Alondra is the first Latina/o elected to the Council and serves on the youngest and most diverse Council in the history of the City.

Before her election to the City Council, Alondra served as aide to then Minneapolis City Council Vice President Robert Lilligren and managed the Multilingual Communications Division at the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Alondra also served as an activist, a community organizer, and later the Associate Director of the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network. At the Freedom Network, Alondra worked on a wide range of social and racial equity issues facing Latino immigrants and undocumented students. Alondra advocated for comprehensive immigration reform, and she worked to enact the Minnesota Dream Act at the MN Legislature. The Dream Act gives undocumented Latino students better access to higher education in Minnesota.

As a Council Member, Alondra represents Minneapolis’ Ninth Ward. The Ninth Ward is the most diverse Ward in the City and includes the largest urban American Indian population, the largest Latino population, a strong East African community and a progressive LGBTQ community.

Alondra was born in Litchfield, Minnesota and spent her early years in Chihuahua Mexico before returning to Minnesota at the age of 10. Alondra attended the University of Minnesota where she became a student activist.

Alondra has “deep roots and a long history in Minneapolis, fighting for student and immigrant rights”. Alondra passionately works to empower disenfranchised communities, to address issues of racial equity, as well as social and environmental justice in Minneapolis.